• A team of committed people who believe that change starts with ourselves. Because we work to empower the most marginalized in our community we ensure that we do not marginalize anyone in our office. Our team means everything to us and a third of our staff are facilitators of organizational learning and development, including the finance manager.
  •  We work as a catalyst for lasting social change by facilitating individuals, communities and systems through self-reflective processes to transformation. Media campaigns complement facilitative leadership development in addressing problems identified by communities themselves—from sexual violence and abuse to poor leadership.
  • Since its founding, UZIKWASA’s focus has been deep rather than wide. Concentrating on a single district in Tanzania, we believe effective behavior change must reflect and draw on in-depth understandings of the entire social context to ensure relevance and [community] ownership.
UZIKWASA supports communities to take charge of their own development though participatory program approaches, promotion of gender justice, strengthening transformative leadership practices, and strategic partnerships for a transformed and self-aware society where mutual respect, gender and human rights prevail.

Our Learning Journey

Our interventions are staying in Pangani District, but our learning isn’t
Our learning is an ongoing collective process among ourselves, the community, collaborators and stakeholders, which leads to new learning outputs and new emerging questions that define an organically growing program that addresses challenges and obstacles as they arise in people’s lives. We share our methodologies for learning from Pangani communities—of integrating process with impact and feedback—with peers and partners who seek to do the same with the communities they know best.
Through working with open boundaries and sharing the learning from innovative grass root intervention models with a growing number of likeminded partners, UZIKWASA seeks to contribute to a growing movement for transformation that will eventually reach out to a large number of rural communities in Tanzania.
Intervention approaches reflect UZIKWASA’s strong convictions about the critical roles of reflective learning, bottom up planning, collective implementation and monitoring, and equality  in empowering women and men to take charge and drive their development for a better life.
This journey has inspired and energized each of us through the understanding that we can make change happen if we acknowledge everyone’s role in it and accept the complexity of social problems.

If you would like to learn with us and our communities, join us in

  • A reflective leadership workshop
  • A visit to share with  community members
  • A round table discussion with our team

    Novatus Urassa, Executive Director, Community Economic Development Expert, Facilitator of Organisational Learning and Development, (FOLD),

    Joseph P. Mushi, Monitoring & Evaluation and Community Development, Facilitator of Organisational Learning and Development (FOLD), Communications Manager,

    Maimuna Msangi, Journalist, Facilitator of Organisational Learning and Development(FOLD), Radio Station Manager,

    Salvatha Kalanga, Community development expert, Facilitator of Organisational Learning and Development(FOLD), Gender and Leadership Coordinator,

    Nickson Lutenda, Community Development Expert, Facilitator of Organisational Learning and Development (FOLD), Community Outreach Coordinator,

    Philbert Mashingia, Community Development Expert, FOLD , Community Out reach Coordinator,

    Mariam Ally, Journalist, Radio Presenter and Program Coordinator, FOLD

    Kokutona Banyikila, Radio editor

    Maajabu Ally, Radio Presenter

    Hamisi Makungu, Radio Presenter

    Catherine Sekibaha, Radio Presenter

    Saa Zumo, Radio Presenter

    Abdilhalim Shukrani Abdallah, Radio producer

    Flora Byontamanyire, Finance & MERL Manager, Facilitator of Organisational Learning and Development (FOLD)

    Rehema Kilapilo, Administrator, HR Manager, Facilitator of Organisational Learning and Development (FOLD)

    Christina Mtega, Accountant

    Vainess Ephraem, Admin & HR assistant

    Ezekiel Manyama, MERL Officer & Facilitator of Organisational Learning and Development (FOLD)

    Edward Saguti, Gender outreach officer, Facilitator of Organisational Learning and Development (FOLD)

    Erick Mallya, Social Media officer, Facilitator of Organisational Learning and Development (FOLD)


    Matthew Mwita (Information Technology manager)

    Charles Jeremia (ICT Officer)


    George Mchopa, Ibrahim Mollel, Shainel Temu,


    Edwin Daudi, Rajabu A. Salehe, Rajabu Semgomba, Joseph Lendowe, Mwanamkuu Hamisi,

    House keeping

    Rhoida Peter, Ramadhani Juma,Christina Ngaru


    Nyantito Machota, Community Economic Development and Organizational Development Expert, Grant Manager Deloitte Consulting Limited, Certified Facilitator of Organizational Development (Chairperson)

    Zainab Mmary, Gender and Organizational Development expert, Certified Facilitator of Organizational Development (Vice Chairperson)

    Jane Malisa, MBA & CPA (Treasurer)

    Philomena Modu Mboizi, Global development, Research and International Law expert (member)

    Dr. Klint Nyamuryekunge, Medical Doctor and Master’s degree in Community Health in Developing Countries (member)

    Dr. Ole Sepere, Medical doctor (member)

    Haji Bwanga, Bsc. Accounting and Finance, CPA (member)