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Reaching out to couples with conflicts – A promising new intervention package

Integrating reflective couple trainings and couple coaching with an interactive live radio program has been very promising.

Not only have reflective training approaches generated new awareness among couples regarding root causes of their conflicts. Busati la Wenza  radio program has also become a powerful tool for enhancing the impact of the couple trainings among Pangani FM listeners. Through sharing their change stories and experience   on air, trained couples have become catalysts for transformation and  radio listeners have reported about trying new behaviors after listening to the program. It has been amazing to  observe  how couples who participated in the reflective  training and coaching session have moved through all  stages of the UZIKWASA Theory of Change:  They  shared deep insights  on how  they had experienced a new awakening,  the  Kumbe stage. They realised how each partner contributed to conflicts in their relationships. Deep processes of self-reflection and practical listening exercises, acknowledgement and understanding power dynamics and own responsibility enabled both, men and women to make plans Halafu towards first steps Chukua hatua to new behavior and actual change.  Coaching further deepened the experience and helped couples to continue working with their questions and challenges.  Through sharing with other listeners in the radio program, couples re-lived their change stories which was helpful to stay engaged with their issues and strengthen their achievements. They had reached  Uendelevu, the final stage of maintaining positive changes in their relationships