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Partnerships for Gender Justice- WOLEA & Tree of Hope& UZIKWASA

UZIKWASA has recently entered a new partnership with WOLEA and Tree of Hope,  both  well established organizations known for their committed work in gender justice and women empowerment in Tanga region. The aim was to take first steps towards inspiring a movement for transformation around gender justice in our region through training approaches that go beyond provision of factual knowledge. In a joint three days start-up workshop staff, management and board members of WOLEA and Tree of Hope had the opportunity to experience the power of reflective training approaches in person. They were touched by their new learning and by the various reflective processes they engaged in: self-reflection for facilitators of change, breaking power structures and listening at three levels.  One of the participating board members shared his feelings:  

 “ This day is very special day in my life and I have written a new diary for my leadership practices… I never ever had an important meeting like this one before, where we put our titles aside and mix with staff, management, and executives.  This helped  me  to be free and  feel comfortable to share and learn”.  

As UZIKWASA we cant wait to see how our esteemed  partners will work with their new learning within their organizations and  in their own specific program context.