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KUMBE! TV Spots – Are now out.

KUMBE is a powerful Swahili word expressing surprise and, in a deeper sense, realization or awakening.

In UZIKWASA’s Theory of Change,  “KUMBE” marks a process of surfacing consciousness, ‘seeing’ oneself and one’s role in society, before taking steps towards change and personal transformation.

With the slogan KUMBE!  Inanihusu mimi… na sisi sote   our new TV spots are about members of the society, people who have had their KUMBE! about their individual  role in combatting sexual and gender violence, intimate partner violence and violence against our children. Whether I am a Boda Boda Driver, a teacher, a police officer, a judge or a medical doctor,  the TV spots show their “KUMBE, it does concern me and it concerns everyone else too”