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Success, but how? – Surfacing UZIKWASA’s Theory of Change.

The last week of August 2017 has been an exciting time for UZIKWASA. Our senior program and radio team spent five long days with intense reflection about our work since the inception of our organization.  Looking at each component of our intervention package separately and trying to grasp the impact and main learning from it, has led to a big Ahaaa! among the team.   Together we remembered  how our interventions  evolved and how they relate to each other, finally  leading to the sound evidence of change that a rigorous five years year social research was able to provide.

We were all amazed about the rich learning this process of picture building brought about and as we continue to pin down the essence of what we were able to document in minute detail we look forward to  the next step:  condense our learning to its essence and share the UZIKWASA Theory of Change with all of you.