KUMBE! TV Spots – Are now out.

KUMBE is a powerful Swahili word expressing surprise and, in a deeper sense, realization or awakening. In UZIKWASA’s Theory of Change,  “KUMBE” marks a process of surfacing consciousness, ‘seeing’ oneself and one’s role in society, before taking steps towards change and personal transformation. With the slogan KUMBE!  Inanihusu mimi… na sisi sote   our new TV… Read More »

Reaching out to couples with conflicts – A promising new intervention package

Integrating reflective couple trainings and couple coaching with an interactive live radio program has been very promising. Not only have reflective training approaches generated new awareness among couples regarding root causes of their conflicts. Busati la Wenza  radio program has also become a powerful tool for enhancing the impact of the couple trainings among Pangani… Read More »

A Journey of Change – UZIKWASA’s 2019 Calendar

People from all walks of life, district officials, community leaders, couples with conflicts, religious leaders and UZIKWASA team members themselves share their incredible change stories in our 2019 Calendar. After participating in reflective training’s and coaching session diverse groups of participants got to “see” themselves as they continued to work on their personal change questions.… Read More »


After the success of UZIKWASA’s award winning feature film AISHA, in August 2017 we have released   yet another media production that has already captivated Pangani FM listernship: TAMAPENDO It is a thrilling  radio drama that tells the story of Fatuma and Chaballa, two young people from Pangani who face immense challenges in a community where traditional… Read More »

Success, but how? – Surfacing UZIKWASA’s Theory of Change.

The last week of August 2017 has been an exciting time for UZIKWASA. Our senior program   and radio team spent five long days with intense reflection about our work since the inception of our organization.  Looking at each component of our intervention package separately and trying to grasp the impact and main learning from it, has… Read More »

Current Communication Campaign: Minna Dada

In Tanzania, sexual abuse and violence against women and girls are pervasive, and  systems fail to hold perpetrators to account. At UZIKWASA, we believe systems only truly change when the individuals who inhabit them change. You can help us work with every leader in Pangani District-every school committee and village council member, every religious leader… Read More »