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Despite Corona- Pangani school children continue ‘to go to school.’

Husna is a 13 year old standard seven students from Boza village in Pangani/Tanga.  She is one of thousands of children in Tanzania who were forced to stay at home since March 17, 2020 when schools were closed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.  But Husna, her classmates, and many other primary and secondary school students in  Pangani District were lucky.  They could continue with their classes at home just by pressing the “on” button of a small radio receiver.

Every morning from Monday to Friday they ‘went to school’ by tuning into Redio Darasa. This is a special interactive radio program produced by Pangani FM in collaboration with Pangani District Education Department and teachers from Pangani schools.  Teachers teach their students live on air and students ask them questions by calling the radio station.

Redio Darasa has become very popular among students and their parents many of who supported their children by sparing them from domestic work so that they could focus on their radio lessons.   Bi. Jamila, Husna’s mother even bought her daughter a special exercise book for her Redio Darasa notes.

“It is almost as if I am sitting in the classroom and  I understand, “ Husna said. “I wish that Redio Darasa could continue even after Corona.”