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After the success of UZIKWASA’s award winning feature film AISHA, in August 2017 we have released   yet another media production that has already captivated Pangani FM listernship: TAMAPENDO

It is a thrilling  radio drama that tells the story of Fatuma and Chaballa, two young people from Pangani who face immense challenges in a community where traditional gender norms, injustice and violence prevail.

In the fight for their love (upendo) and for  education, they find themselves entangled in a complicated net of other peoples’ greed (tamaa).

But not all is doom and gloom. As Fatuma and Chaballa are close to  despair they notice change among their peers who show them that they care. Supported by their friends, the   young couple  gains strength and determination to stick to their principles and do what needs to be done.