Conscious Practice to Transformation



enough to listen carefully to learn how to support communities in finding their own solutions


enough to stay in one district, where we know the people and the context


enough to undergo change ourselves as we facilitate others to change


enough to undergo change ourselves as we facilitate others to change


enough to try new approaches as we strive to improve our practice and deepen our impact


enough to work at the grassroots level with every one of the 33 villages in our district to realize their goals

Reflective Leadership
  • In a four-day training we work with the entire village leadership of 30 women and men, supporting them to become better listeners and be more appreciative and facilitative in their interaction with others. Transformative leadership skills are developed and maintained through reflective training and coaching.
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Multimedia Campaigns
  • The messaging power of media has been an integral part of UZIKWASA’s programming for over a decade. But we don’t just distribute films and literature with positive messages in the hopes that something will stick.
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MERL & Sharing
  • UZIKWASA’s approach to fostering lasting social change is complex, and its outcomes are nuanced. That’s why our M&E system collects a variety of information in Pangani communities, from indexed case studies to police data, and from community diaries to participatory surveys.
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Our Culture on the move
  • Our Culture and traditions are subject to a dynamic process of constant change. UZIKWASA engages people in a dialogue guided by the concept “holding on and letting go” and the the question “what is still dear to us and what do feel we would like to let go? We believe that through an in-depth understanding of traditions and practices among all community groups they are enabled to build a new cultural identity for all Pangani residents, a progressive culture that respects the rights of each community, women and men, girls and boys.
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Everything that’s fit to print, listen to or watch: publications, radio programs, movies and TV spots.

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